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After one of our episodes, Ashley had commented to tell us about “baby” The creepy ass doll thing and we wanted to share it with our weirdos!

Ashley’s Story of her crazy doll……thing?


“Long story short I found her in an antique shop years ago but I didn’t buy her. Since our first encounter I had an overwhelming urge to find her and bring her home. Unknowingly and amazingly a year to the day of our first meeting I found her and purchased her. When I purchased her my husband voiced how ugly she was and didn’t want to see her so she was forced to live in the closet. After that,  pictures in our house would fall down that included my husband in them. All others were left on the walls. Then we had a dead baby bird show up in our living room, the dogs were nervous and restless at night, we had a bout of hoards of flies on the house for about 3 days, random blurs of black movement out of the corners of our eyes, multiple car issues, and general weird things happen. My husband got rid of her and traded her for a haircut with his barber. She disappeared from his house and he even stated pictures fell off his walls too. Long story short I messaged him and was able to get her back after about 8 months. Since then my husband has had generally bad luck. I have a genuine attraction to this doll and whenever we were separated I would think about her every day and miss her. The bond we have is unique. She is either hand made or very very old, she is stuffed with straw not stuffing”

Here is a bit more of a recent update. I’m going to have to make another update asap because some more things have happened. Well last night we had a milestone. My husband apologized and accepted Baby for what she is. He then took her out of the closet and placed her on the mantle in our living room so she can enjoy things and not be hidden anymore. “The spooky thing is, after he did all of that he said her facial expression changed and she was smiling. My husband, who has never seen the pictures or videos has not seen the comments where people describe seeing the movement or changes in expression in her face and chest.”
Find some of the possessed “Baby” videos here on Ashley’s tiktok